The Future of Digital Marketing

It is important to note that Digital Marketing is especially relevant and furthermore mainly targeted at millennials. It has changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology and digital media for their marketing. Digital Marketing campaigns, with the rise of digital platforms, are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans.

Why Digital Marketing?

Presently, Digital Marketing is an effective way for brands and businesses to have a greater reach. On the other hand, if they had implemented the age-old methods of marketing the results just wouldn’t be the same. As technology has started growing, digital marketing has become more effective and widely used. It brings digital media to market to sell a product, an idea or a concept. Today age requires brands to cope up with the insatiable need of new and innovative methods of engaging audiences. Two such methods or technologies which have been tipped to be the most effective in terms of digital marketing are mobile & VR.

What is VR?

VR is one of most exciting technologies which has gained a lot of interest and attention in 2016. It stands for Virtual Reality, a technology that uses software to replicate a real environment and simulate the user’s physical presence in the said environment by enabling the user to interact within the virtual environment. VR is defined as an immersive and interactive experience generated by technology. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Partnership of Mobile & VR

Mobile platforms are allowing VR to scale new heights that were unheard of in VR’s initial days. Google is taking steps towards the development of VR, creating a lasting relationship between mobile and VR. It also introduced the Google Cardboard which serves as a headgear for VR video viewing. Presently, the surge in VR has forced YouTube to create a dedicated channel for VR videos.

Growth of VR

Mobile brought VR to a massive audience, people using smartphones. The boom of smartphones has lent a helping hand to the rapid growth of VR. Many mobile companies are now adding VR functionality to their devices. This partnership ensures maximum immersion of the user at minimum costs, meaning you will not need tospecializedialised device to harness the capability of the VR platform. This partnership between mobile and VR has paved way for new marketing strategies using these technologies.

Mobile & VR – Future of Digital Marketing

Virtual Reality has the potential to completely replace many forms of digital marketing. Marketing strategies in small and middle sized organizations are ever more frequently including virtual reality in their ad concepts. They have started to set aside a certain budget for VR ad campaigns. Virtual Reality presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a completely immersed audience. The immersion helps to market their product better and helps outline the features of their product with ease. Mobile platforms is lending marketing in VR a helping hand, and helping VR to grow. Moreover, mobile helps VR reach out to the masses. Therefore ad campaigns on VR in this day and age make more sense than they did a couple of years back.

VR for Companies

No doubt, companies have had successful ad campaigns on the VR platforms, although it is catching up, ironically VR has yet to become a norm of mareting per se.
Companies are a little sceptical using the technology fearing the cost of transition of shifting from the traditional marketing strategies. Cost could mean not only monetary but the efforts required for a successful transition. VR & mobile capabilities are endless, once these capabilities have been understood, we can be assured of many companies flocking to create VR content. Sooner, rather than later, these technologies will surely become the tool of digital marketing in the future if not now.


Potential buyers consume content on various digital platforms, mobile being the most prominent. This opens the door for endless opportunities. For instance; if from here on, VR is harnessed it therefore lead to a different era of digital marketing.
At StratAgile, we handle end-to-end online and offline marketing. We offer a set of marketing operations that will allow you to have an integrated marketing and digital experience. Similarly; furthermore, adding to that we also provide an entire spectrum of data and web analytics to boost and maximize your ROI. We at StratAgile firmly believe that mobile and VR are the future of digital marketing.

photo credit: Simon Blackley In a world of his own via photopin (license)

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