Winning Micro-Moment Battleground

B uyers today turn to the internet when they think of purchasing a product or a service. Over the period of time, we have become increasingly dependent on the Web to make better choices. This means buyers stay connected to the Web through mobile all the time. These micro-moments provide the best chance for brands to attract more customers.

Pushing Beyond Standard Digital Marketing

With the introduction of mobile, brands need to think beyond usual marketing plans. Buyers today are always online making decisions about what they want to purchase. Offering buyers useful information to make a decision is the best way to promote your brand.

Around 93% of the consumers use a mobile device to research before or while shopping. Hence, a well-planned mobile marketing can make a difference. This plan would affect buyers using mobile devices to research while shopping.

Customers today have plenty of options to choose from. This can influence their decisions while they are shopping. With plenty of competition in the market, brands cannot ignore the importance of mobile marketing.

While some brands consider this as a threat many see it as an opportunity.

As per Google Consumer Survey 2015, 25% buyers change their mind after researching on products/services online. For some brands, this is the chance to empower their buyers with the right data.

In the past few years, YouTube channels with product reviews and videos have become popular. As per Google Data 2015, views of product review videos have grown by more than 50% YoY. As a result, more shoppers today are watching videos before they buy a product or service.

This mean that customers turn to their mobile devices for research. For brands, this is a chance to amplify their digital mobile marketing strategies. With the right mobile marketing plan, brands can talk more about their products and services online.

How to Win Micro-Moments with the Right Digital Marketing Strategies?

Understand Your Customer’s Research Pattern – Different buyers have distinct lifestyle and smartphone usage patterns. It is, therefore, vital to know and identify how your consumers’ research and make decisions.To find out how they make shopping decisions you need to interact with them on a personal level. Consequently, direct feedback, online surveys, polls, and forums can help you collect information. This will help you create better mobile marketing plans in the future.

Build a Comprehensive Plan – It is hard to predict the browsing pattern of your customers. An efficient mobile marketing plan works across all channels. Create content on various channels like video, display and social to ensure better reach.

Create Useful Content – Creating useful content is so important for an online marketing plan. Hence, find out what are the major questions that can help the shoppers to shop better. A happier and well-informed customer will always return to your business.

Create Simple Shopping Experience – Create simple shopping experience for buyers because they don’t have much time. Offer them multiple ways to buy and ask queries. This seems like a great way to keep the shopping experience simple.

Measure Your Plan Results – Measure various factors like online conversion rate and conversion through apps and devices. Probably this will help you to assess your mobile marketing plan. Once you know where your buyers are you can create better marketing plans to grow your business.


With the launch of mobile, marketing plans have changed. Hence, brands have to focus on various micro-moments that play a vital role. The era of prime time has ended as buyers turn to their mobile devices for more information.

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