The Death of Email Marketing is Just a Misconception

Communication lies at the core of human living. We, as social animals, love to reach out to others and say what we want to say. Email has become the most common and fastest way of communication in the digital era.

However, too many emails can be overburdening and many marketing experts believe that we overdid it. Buyers have moved to social media and hence firms are now using social media sites to attract clients and consumers. While this is all true the fact is that email marketing is very much alive and happening.

The Fake Death of Email Marketing

Is email dead? Certainly not. It’s a common myth that email marketing does not work any longer in a world of digital and social platforms. However, it is true that as buyers become multi-taskers the amount of attention emails receive is very low. This makes email marketing harder to execute as buyers prefer customized email experiences.

The number of emails’ consumers receive per day is baffling. Hence, it is vital that firms need to be clear about their marketing plans before they send out the emails. It is vital that the emails must be customized, easy to read and relevant to the subject line.

Emails provide a better conversion rate than social media provided the message is delivered in the right manner. This is mainly because more people check their emails than a number of people checking out social media.

How To Do Email Marketing the Right Way?

Email still remains arguably the best tool to put your word across, if you do it in a relevant and pleasant way. With the right email marketing plan, you can reach out to your potential buyers and get their attention and loyalty.

Data Gathering – It is important that you sort all the data that you have about your buyers. With the proper data, you can see a clear picture about the needs and demands of your buyers before you send an email.

Content Planning & Approach – Data will allow you to look into the needs and wants of your buyers and other relevant topics. Once you have the data, you can plan and create your content accordingly. You may also want to put out your point at a certain point in time to boost the impact.

Message Impact – To boost the message impact your email message should be easy to understand, personalized and relevant. You may want to deliver your message in a fun and rightful way to connect with busy consumers.

Why Email Marketing Still Makes Sense?

While you might not agree with the fact that email marketing still can bring you profit. The fact is that many firms still believe that email marketing makes sense. The reason behind it is that buyers don’t hate all email – they hate the just the ones that don’t make sense to them.

Here are few reasons why email marketing still makes a lot of sense:

Exploit the Mobile Market

– Around 91% of users check their emails on their mobile phones and devices. With the right email message, you can put forward a proper and customized message and reach out to buyers even when they’re not at their computers.

Message Usefulness

– With email, you can communicate with your buyers effectively and send out any information you want to share. You can alert them about limited offers, upcoming webinars, new online posts, and activities or social message.

Improved ROI

– Unlike other marketing campaigns, email marketing is affordable. With emails, you can test and find out about what works and what doesn’t before you invest in other expensive campaigns. It is good enough for small and DIY firms and owners.

Connect with Social Media

– Studies reveal that emails that have social sharing buttons increase the click rate by 158% compared to emails without it. With email marketing, you can connect your buyers to social media platforms.

Nurture Leads

– Nurturing leads can lead to better sales. With emails, you can raise awareness; tell your buyers where to get your products and services. You can convert your prospects into loyal customers and create customer retention.


Buyers today consume content on various platforms which lead to a decrease in person’s attention span. While email marketing is hard to execute it still is a simple and effective tool that’s certainly not dead. The success of email marketing depends largely on a timely, relevant, customized and engaging content.

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